My boyfriend and I have been have trouble?

Some of my former friends cause drama between me and my boyfriend. Now he asks me ever day if I am happy. Is this a normal response for a guy.
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  • I can understand that. I am the same way. If something is wrong, seems wrong, or went wrong recently, I would be worried. I wouldn't want her to feel bad. I would ask her every day if she is alright. Because I would be worried that if something was wrong, and I didn't help, she wouldn't want to be with me anymore, because I'm not there for her. It is most likely just him trying to make sure everything is alright, because he doesn't want you to leave him.


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  • No there's something else bothering him


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  • It could be you just have an unusually compassionate guy?

    • Probably I'm just worried

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    • I have but he says "I was just wondering. Nothing's wrong. I'm just making sure"

    • Have you asked him if he is happy?

  • Chances are someone said or td him something to cause. him to feel this way it seems you have a good considerate boyfriend who truly may love you and i truly hope that is the case and you both make it the distance. and get married some day ^-^ but ya explain to him not every day is going to be perfect and you are not always going to be happy sometimes it will be because of him but hopefully not and if it is him you have to let him know you will be honest and tell him why. and hoq etc so that he. won't worry at least as much but hopefully almost not at all


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