Do you prefer Liberal guys or Conservative guys?

Like, who would you date?
Which would you prefer as a friend?

If you're not into guys, which would you rather chill with or talk with?

Please add an opinion if you prefer someone who holds different political views than you; I'm curious why.

I saw a pol a while back about preference of girls, so I figured I'd make one for guys.

The pic is not of me by the way (that should be pretty obvious I guess).Do you prefer Liberal guys or Conservative guys??
  • Do you prefer Liberal guys or Conservative guys??Liberal guys
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  • Do you prefer Liberal guys or Conservative guys??Conservative guys
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  • I Don't have a preference
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Well, I'm not into guys haha, but all of my close friends have the same political views as I do. I would also only date a girl with the same views as me, as this typically means that we would agree on ethics, morality, religion, etc (all are really important to agree on when dating).

    • I totally agree, but do you have any idea why other people would date outside their political views?

    • I think some people may not care initially because the other person may be visually pleasing and they think beliefs can be overlooked (or worse, changed). I personally do not think these relationships are healthy, nor will they last long. I should clarify that it is ok to date someone with opposing views if you are not aware (you learn about people through dates), however there should not be another date with that person if you learn that you both have opposing views. It brings unnecessary conflict into the relationship, so I honestly don't know why some people still do it.

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  • I like someone who is a mix... I think I'm a lot more conservative on SOME THINGS and very liberal on others... You know, I think its ok to have your own opinions even if they don't agree with me. what would bother me is if you are really aggressive about pushing your point of view on someone else.

    • Well apathy is worse. If you believe something is immoral and you don't speak out against it, it speaks volumes about your character.

    • seriously I am both it is possible

  • I want him to be slightly more on the liberal side, just like me... I'm rather liberal.

  • I am a lesbian, so never of them. I have male friends on both sides

  • Liberal guys.

  • Conservative


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