What did I do wrong?

I met this guy about 6 weeks ago through mutual friends, on a night out drinking. He’s about 5 years older than I am but we got along well and he tried to kiss me that night. We have since been talking on the phone and through text basically all day everyday. A month went by and I hadn’t seen him, but still talking everyday. Then a week ago we were both out again with our mutual friends and had a great time. We talked and joked for hours and shared a kiss at the end of the night. After that night, he was keener and sweeter than ever. He asked me out on a date and it was great. We had a great dinner and conversation, he held my hand as we walked. We kissed. Everything seemed fine. But now it’s been 3 days and I have barely heard from him. He has texted me here and there, but his communication has pattern changed. Did I do something wrong?

ps. Our mutual friend took it on his own behalf to text him the next day saying you must really like her to be taking her out on a date? And he kinda laughed it off. I could kill him (our friend, that is).


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  • Maybe he has gotten preoccupied with other things. Happens sometimes.
    But the text his friend sent is the most interesting part in my opinion.

  • Nothing, he had just use you... sorry...


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