This guy like me but ignores me in front of one of his friends?

We all work together. The guy that likes me is super obvious about it EXCEPT when his best friend works with us. Okay. So this past Tuesday, we both worked together and he was super obvious that he liked me and kept flirting with me. Then today, when me, him and his best friend worked, he completely ignored me. But he has other friends that work with us, and he flirts with me in front of them. It's just this particular friend that he ignores me whenever he's there. His friend is a guy by the way.


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  • Before I start SOF=Super Obvious Friend... Maybe just maybe his best friend also likes you but SOF hasn't told him that he likes you as well and instead of flirting in front of his best friend that also likes you, he is trying to keep it a secret from him since SOF hasn't told his best that he likes you. Or maybe he doesn't want to let his best friend to know that he likes you because he may be afraid of what he might say. Or maaybe his best friend knows SOF likes you but hates when he flirts with you when he is around... I mean I can go on but to know the real reason why he ignores you in front of his best friend and not in front of everyone else is by simply just by asking him :P

    • Well. I kinda have a feeling that SOF's friend likes me too because he's indirect about it. Like SOF's friend always notices when I change something. No matter how small. He also got kinda jealous when I said one of our managers was attractive. He started criticizing him.

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    • Like. He wouldn't date me if his best friend likes me.

    • If you really like him I would just keep SOF's friend as a friend meaning if he does ask you out before SOF does just simply say no and that you have feelings for someone else or you could tell him you like his best friend. From there it matters how SOF's friend takes it. He may just understand that you aren't interested in him or talk shit about you to SOF saying (blah blah blah). But if you feel like the second reason would happen more over the first then just flirt with SOF more and show that you are actually interested in him back. Oooooor just change up the game and ask SOF out on a date since he wouldn't ask you.

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