What do think when a Loner says I NEED YOU?

So, I've been seeing a guy for the past 5 months now. Everything is great, we talk everyday... we get each other and have a realllllly great vibe. Its fun its awesome all of that good stuff. He likes, we both like to send memes from instagram to each other via text.

The other day he sent me one with a sort of sexual picture and the caption was "Im not a needy person, but when i need you i need you". So yes i know I'm overthinking, but i couldn't help myself and i asked him "what do u mean you need me?" and he said "i need to feel you, embrace you, feel your energy and vibes"... and then something like I'm a loner and don't need anyone, so when i say i need you thats serious.

I guess i just want to know what another males take on this is... thanks :)
What do think when a Loner says I NEED YOU?
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