Would a guy bother apologizing if he didn't mean it? Is he sincere?

So been dating this guy for about two months and things seemed to be going well. About a date a week, dates that lasted for hours and hours, great conversation, great chemistry, lots of fun together, all good vibes. That is until we made plans for a Saturday night before the holiday break. I'd turned down invites from friends to hang out that Saturday night because me and the guy had agreed to do dinner... only for him to completely ditch our plans at the last minute in favor of joining his own friends at a sports bar. I wasn't cool with me keeping my eveing open when he couldn't afford the same courtesy and flip-flopping on our plans, and I told him as much. Especially since I knew it was my last shot to see him before we went our separate ways for the holidays.

Given past experiences, I honestly expected that I wouldn't hear from him again after calling him out. But I was wrong. He apologized several times, and said he "felt terrible" for being flaky. Since he's been gone out of town with his family for the Christmas break, he hasn't texted too much, but he's never been a big texter so that isn't abnormal. He simply texted to say he hoped I had a wonderful Christmas, called me an "amazing woman", and said he plans to make things up to me when he gets back to town in a few days.

I'm assuming that his ditching of our plans was maybe a testing the waters thing, and that if he wasn't interested, he would've simply ghosted and not bothered apologizing. He has yet to "make things up" to me, but that's just because he's been out of town... Does he sound sincere? Or is this a possible breadcrumbing scenario?
Would a guy bother apologizing if he didn't mean it? Is he sincere?
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