My Texting Skills Are Trash?

I Have Been In A Relationship For About 6 Years With Same Girl From Middle School To High School And She Recently Cheated On Me So We Broke Up And I Just Realized I Can't To Other Girls So I Need Advice On How I Can Improve This


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  • Okay if she cheats on u that's her problem Hun and what's bad about ur texting skills? Give an example

    • I'm Not Good With Texting People That I Never Met Before
      I'm Not A Boring Person
      I Just Don't Know What To Say To People Over Text

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    • Sorry it's a habit But A simple hey doesn't work for ever girl

    • How u know dat

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  • Stop Typing Like This It's Annoying AF And Girls Will Run

    Here's some advice, don't be boring and stop capitalizing the first letter in every word.


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  • First stop typing with the caps on each word. That’s annoying af and I’d stopped talking to you instantly. Just ask questions. If you’re interested in someone. Ask questions. Find out what they’re about. They will engage in the convo and things will just flow naturally.

  • I don’t think your texting skills is what made her so unhappy she cheated.

  • Why Do You Type Like This?


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