It's too late, I'm falling in love already. I don't know what to do?

I'm not sure anymore. If he likes me or if he really likes me that much to be his girl. We've been talking for awhile already. We worked at same place, I sent him home sometimes, we do text each other. But it turns out, I'm the one who is needy. I want him, his attention at least. But no, he's not like other guys who when they like a girl. They will always want to communicate or be with that girl. Sometimes, I feel like, he was just interested to me before. And not anymore, that is all. I don't know what to do. I think I want to keep him, I think I love him. I can tell I do. He always made me smile effortlessly. But I don't want this. I wish he should just tell me straight. I feel so broken rn.


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  • Let's break this down...

    "It's too late, I'm falling in love already. I'm not sure anymore, if he likes me or if he really likes me that much to be his girl." - How are you in love with a man who is clearly giving you mixed signals? Do you really love him? Or, are you in love with the idea of a man showing you attention once upon a time?

    Love is a strong word. If a man likes you, best believe he'll show you all the signs and you won't have to ask this question. You say he once showed you that and now he doesn't. If his behavior towards you is inconsistent then you have your answer right there. Move on and find someone who actually likes you for you and not just using you for his own satisfaction (whatever that may be).

    • You're definitely right. 💔

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    • Thank you. I knew I need to stop this. Because rn, I'm already affected of being lied. Feels like that

    • That's okay. It is not the end of the world. There is a man out there for you but the secret is, don't go looking for him. Live your life, work on yourself and before you know it, prince charming will be at your feet.

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  • You want him? You need him? Then be his girl.
    I got the impression you aren't still going out with him, you two have established a solid relationship yet. You can't expect anything unless you do this.

    Being needy and your opinion on the situation is not all that negative.
    He might like you but might be more occupied with other things. Maybe things would improve with time.


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