To Girls- I need some advice/understanding.....

I am 19, you can see my pic here, anyways, I'm engaged, and I notice something almost every time I'm in town with my angel, or at the mall or something, that I keep noticing other girls, especially teens (15-17) and even a few up to 21, noticing me, and checkin me out...Caitlin my fiancee doesn't really see it much, and I can barely stand it anymore... it makes ME feel dirty, like I'm doing something wrong...

and I'm not the best looking guy out there, I know that for sure, but what is it that makes so many of them attracted to me?

i mean, I'm not like the stereotype guy that just wants sex, I'm very sensitive and emotional, and I treat Caitlin like a queen because I love her and all I want to do is make her happy and I am just wondering could that be it?

like girls sensing something different about me maybe?

help me out, even if I can't change it, I at least want to understand what it is...


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  • I agree with the first two answers.

    Women respond to seeing how you treat Caitlin. You are in fact doing something right. The reaction you get proves it.

    You need to remember that it's the love you have for her that's getting you the attention, and I would bet it would be different with most of the others you see noticing you.

    Focus on her. Think about why it was her you chose...and remember...she picked you as well.

    I have said it before, and I stand by the never ends.

    Just because you caught her, doesn't mean the pursuit is over. If you want an amazing relationship, you must...MUST keep the romance alive.

    Guys don't really understand what that means. Not really our fault...we just weren't raised thinking along these lines.

    Romance is foreplay...plain and simple.

    All the little things you do that say I love you without ever saying a word.

    Here's the thing...once you get that...and begin to make it part of every day...all those other women? They sorta disappear, because the one you're with outshines them all.

    Hope that helps

    • I agree, and thanks for showing me that reasoning and understanding...and actually you started going toward my old school views a little bit lol

      yea as guys in these past couple generations havnt gotten the true romantic understanding like guys had years ago back when courting and flirting took a couple months then dating ('50s I believe or something similar) now with all this liberal culture, I can't even tell ya how many people I know the have sex on the first date, after just knowin em for mere hrs

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  • I stare at couples unintentionally; I find the dynamic interesting to watch and it's pretty dam adorable. Sometimes I even smile because they seem so happy :)

    Sorry but it doesn't mean I'm checking out the dude...Most of the time.

    Hope that helps,



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  • Women be jealous of other women's happieness.


  • girls just star at people in relationships. Just like I stare at girls that have boyfriends. Next question...