A man went on a date with a girl and was insisting on paying for the meal but couldn't afford it. Your thoughts?

A man went on a date with a girl and was insisting on paying for the meal but couldn't afford it. Your thoughts?
This is old news but i don't care.
So there is this guy Joe, who was asking out a woman on a date (both of which are broke students) and went to a typical restaurant date and he insisted on paying for everything. Then his bank balance basically said "nope" and was unable to cover the expenses (80 euros in total, so both could have a full stomach and that is on the first date!).

My thoughts:
1) Why attempt to do things, when you know you can't do it or can't cover the expenses?
2) Why restaurants as date one?
3) Why choosing a pricey date?
4) Now, that all the talk was blown by the truth, that he couldn't afford it, he made himself look like a typical clown in front of that girl and has basically lied on the first date (being able to cover the expenses). All impressions went effectively down the drain. This reminds me of someone, who wanted to lend money from me to spend that money similar to this to impress the girls.
5) Ugh!


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  • I mean, id be down for helping to pay but I would be a little annoyed that he offered for dinner if he didn't have the money. If he asked, he should pay, I wouldn't be upset that he didn't have money, that's totally fine, but that he took me out :/. Now we are in a bind. I would be cool with just walking around town and not even taking out wallets out.


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  • That is why first dates shouldn't even be dates but just meetups where you talk and walk around in the park or someshit.


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  • He should stop trying to impress girls by taking them out. You learn much more when you take them out for a walk in the park.

    He should also plan in advance and stop acting like he owns the place. I would definitely NOT be impressed if I'd be that girl.


    • I'll give you that upvote anyway just because.

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