Have you ever been in love?

Around me I see nothing but people in love, but I never loved or even liked someone.
I do know I'm young, but I'd like to know what is the average age
  • Less than 8 years old
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  • 9-12 years old
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  • 13-16 years old
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  • 17-20 years old
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  • 21-25 years old
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  • More than 26 years old
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  • I've never been in love
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't think I'm in the "average" category. I'm 26 and have never been interested in that sort of thing. But I think I might someday...


Most Helpful Guy

  • Love is an amazing and tricky thing that will hit you when it hits you. I do not believe there is an "appropriate" age to feel love however there is a certain amount of experience that will help you to filter out these feelings as you go through life.

    For example - when we are younger we are more prone to mixing up emotions as we learn how they should be filtered. I remember when I was a teenager that when a girl gave me just that particular glance or smile I would be flooded with these feelings and really had nothing to compare them to - I thought it was love. Now that I am older I know that love is WAY more complex and harder to define than I thought it was.

    My best advice is to allow yourself to feel the feelings you feel and always be safe and know that these feelings will grow as you grow, change as you change and will eventually turn into something wonderful - just always be safe!

    Hope that helps :)


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What Girls Said 2

  • I have been in love but nobody has ever loved me

  • Not yet


What Guys Said 3

  • Love is subjective. Some people confuse love with affection or attraction. Basically, if it makes you feel good, it is love. Not quite. Love is deeper and sometimes involve pain and a selfless posture.

    • For me love is love and affection and attraction for someone

    • That's part of it. Love goes beyond. If you feel attraction, but your crush is dating a friend of yours, and you truly want them to be happy, it is love you feel.

    • Love is indeed complicated

  • Yea i've been in love before and the proper age to fall in love is 16-22 years

  • I've been in love two times.


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