Breaks in a relationship? Yay or Nay?

What do you think about having a break from your significant other when the goings is getting a bit out of hand? Would you think it's necessary for every couple to do so or should that couple talk it out to resolve the issue that may be causing it before doing so?Breaks in a relationship? Yay or Nay?
  • Breaks in a relationship are necessary!
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  • Breaks are not necessary in not shape or form!
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  • like a long term break? to me, that's just an excuse to fuck someone else.

    • Yeah I do agree with you completely and a couple where someone wants to have a long term break should just consider breaking up completely and talk about that with their partner. Instead of getting back together and having to agruing if it's cheating or not since they were technically not together at the time.

  • i had to have a break from my boyfriend, it only lasted like 3 days because we got so clingy xD but nah its cause we live together and in that you barely have freedom for yourself so sometimes breaks are necesarry. Not the breaks where you go fuck other people xD a break could even be a day for yourself

    • I would think as a couple and making that huge step to move in with each other. You would know each others likes/dislikes before doing so. I mean unless there was another important personal reason for moving in with each other before knowing one another a little bit more to avoid having to take a break. But I do agree with you on having some alone time like going out to the park, mall, store, hiking, etc...

  • Breaks are not necessary in not shape or form!


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