Should I tell her?

We broke up as she’s not ready for a relationship and I told her I’d wait for her for when she’s ready. After some time we got into a big argument and said we didn’t want to see each other anymore and stay away and never talk again. We’ve since contacted each other and said we need a bit more space but will talk and get together soon. Problem is is that while we were fighting, I talked to other girls. I wasn’t quite over her yet, but I was trying to move on, to no avail. Some of the girls wanted to meet up and fuck or go on dates. I didn’t feel like it was right and didn’t do it. Should I tell her that it happened and I chose her overall? Or should I just tell her I was faithful and never once thought of sleeping with someone else? Or should I not mention it at all?


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  • Are you stupid? If you broke up, or in this case were never together then you don't need her permission to fuck other people and she doesn't need to screen every one of your encounters. Jesus Christ. Have some respect dude. Were you unfaithful? Wtf you weren't even together. This chick doesn't want to be with you.

    Waiting for someone literally never works. That's the nice way of saying "Sorry but I'm not interested". Stay away from this woman. Who you see, kiss or fuck when not in a relationship is no one's business but yours. Don't tell her shit. She probably doesn't even care and secretly hopes you'll forget about her.

    • We were together for 3 months dude. We were best friends for 4 months before that. We said I love you on the second date (she initiated it), we were over the moon for each other and madly in love. We were really happy. She’s unable to move on from me at this point as am I for her. WE DID DATE. That’s why I’m waitinf. It’s not a fact of never being together. It’s the fact that we were together and were really happy and she got overwhelmed and wants to be alone right now. We discussed it a week before we finalized the break up and decided to stay together. She just became too stressed and doesn’t know what she wants right now. We still love each other and while I can do whatever I want, I don’t want to because I’m not ready to because that’s unfair to me, my ex and the new girl who would be used as a rebound. That’s why I’m waiting

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    • Exactly that. Tell her to fuck off and turn ignore her.

    • Seems easy enough

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  • Honesty is best.

    • I suppose. I just really want her back and hope she will come back at some point

  • Move on from her, you deserve someone better.

    • She’s amazing and has never done me wrong except not knowing what’s she wants recently. I can’t move move on, I love her

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    • No offense but I don't forsee her talking a deadline with you until she's found someone better.. and you don't deserve that kind of heartbreak. It sucks to hear, but move on. There are so many people out there who could give you the love you need

    • Her and I already have a discussion planned out in a couple days. After that I’ll either drop her or love her

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