Does a tattoo mean he loves you?

My boyfriend and I aware really close I'd like to believe he loves me like he's done a lot of stuff for me he shows some care and so on but sometimes I doubt his loyalty. About five months in out relationship he got a tattoo on his arm with my name, everyone including my friends says that the tattoo seals the deal and he's serious but is it a guarantee?


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  • It means he loves you until he comes home from his blue collar job one day and gets drunk and beats you


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  • I mean it does mean he's serious, but if you guys break up its going to be shitty for him lol.


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  • TBH, the fact that he got a tattoo with ur name on it is so stupid. What if u break up how does he explain it. But he probably does like you a lot

    • I know I asked him that
      These were his exact words
      *If we last then it was meant to be but if it doesn't you were my biggest mistake*

    • Am I over thinking this?

    • Honestly if I was you I'd be nervous that he was I too into you for getting the tattoo

  • No. It just shows he's and idiot. Look at some of the celebrities who put a tattoo of their spouse be on them and then they end up get divorced. The only names I think is acceptable to get tattooed on you is parents and kids.


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