Dating vs Relationship?


I met a nice girl during a business trip (she works for a compony I visited there) in Mexico City (7 h time difference). She is mature, responsible, very cute and so on. I asked her what you can do here for fun and she thought I ask her to get a beer after work and so it happened we went out. Got to know her a little and she sent me her phone number before I left. We stayed in contact since then (few month now). In the meantime I already asked her if she may wanna go on a date and she agreed (si si quiero salir contigo - at least thats the meaning I guess. I just started to learn Spanish which she liked). We talk like every day, she told me a lot of private stuff about her family, even very private stuff when her grandfather got critically sick, asked for advice about it, also some really sensitive things about her uncle and why she worries about him etc. Apologies if she didn't had time to respond and so on (she works like 7 days a week). I want to fly over in January or February to see her to go out on a real date.

She is kinda shy and usually I said hi, once I was really busy and didn't they a word she started with a "hey" in the evening. So she isn't good in starting conversations. Since then I started to say her good morning via Audio, or a good morning picture, nice message and so on. So she can respond to this later on. I also sent her a birthday present to Mexico.

When I was out for dinner she sometimes asks if it was with a girl, or when I was on vacation with a friend she asked if it was a guy or girl (was a guy). It was kinda cute even though I would have tried to find that out more discrete :-p
So I am not sure what is this. I mean we just went out once and that wasn't a real date. I know quite a lot about her and really like her. She also asks me to greet my Family when they visited me. Anyone has experiences with a girl from Mexico (she is down to earth). What is she expecting? Is she expecting me to not go out with other girls and date exclusively?
Dating vs Relationship?
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