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Hey, well I have been dating this guy for a short amount of time but I really really like him and he likes me. However, he's moving in a few months and I don't know how to handle it. Should I just leave him now so I don't get too attached? Should I make more memories with him even if he's leaving soon? I'm not sure what to do since we probably won't see each other after he leaves.


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  • Long distance without seeing at least every few months is v hard (if I'm not seeing her at all or at least know I'll see her then it really sucks for me) .. there are things you can do to make it work though, give it a Google (can't post links sorry) like "ldr blog" or something

    The other thing I'd recommend if you do choose to stay together is to live the moment without thinking too much about what will happen.

    Also respect your time and respect his time.


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  • Well to be honest I think if you really like him you should hold on especially if he likes you too.
    If you guys want things to work then maybe you should talk about and maybe see if you can make long distance work that's if you really like him tho. Think about it first

    • We talked about long distance, and he said that he already knew that it was going to be extremely tough for him since we wouldn't be able to see each other and that it would be better to just end the relationship once we move. But, he claims we'll still be friends.

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    • that's true, thank you

    • Its okay I'm really sorry tho.
      Good luck

  • Try to recover ur feelings for him.. And u also try to b frnz wd him... Nd continue talking... Control ur heart else u wil gt hurt..


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