How did you meet your crush?


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  • I originally met my crush in high school. I had a boyfriend that time (in h. s.) though. Then, I found out my crush went to the same college I enrolled in. My h. s. boyfriend & I happen to have ended our exclusive relationship because he went to another university far away. Not long after that breakup, my crush approached me and said he wanted to be friends with because seeing me helps him deal with being homesick and that he felt comfortable hanging with me. After repeatedly hanging out together in and out of campus, he later told me that he's always had a crush on me in high school. "Wow! What a coincidence!" I told him. "You're my crush too!" Since then, we solidified our relationship and have been together over 20 years! We've broken up a few times throughout the 20+ years but keep going back to each other.


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