Is it weird that an 8th grader and a sophomore in high school are dating?

Okay yes the question seems really weird.

I'm a girl that is 15 almost going on 16 (a sophomore in high school) and I'm talking to a guy that is 14 (he's in 8th grade). To me, it seems really weird to be dating, but then again we're only a year apart in age right now.
He really mature, nice, and incredibly sweet.
We recently just hung out and we had such a fun night and such an amazing time hanging out with each other.

My friend thinks that it's really weird, and his friends think it's alright. I honestly don't know.. I'm scared that other people are also going to judge me like "ew she's in high school dating a middle schooler."
Help/ tell me what to do.. honestly, we're both falling for each other but I have no idea what to do. :/


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  • You guys are only a few years apart, as long as you're not 20 dating a 14 year old you're fine. I doubt any one would even notice that he's an 8th grader


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  • Mostly sounds weird because you're probably at different schools. Next year, as a Junior and Freshman it will seem less weird.

    Weird or not, it's not wrong or bad.


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  • If it makes both of you happy and no laws are being broken, I'd say carry on.

  • No, it's not weird. It sounds weird.


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