Are relationships involving opposites impossible?

This girl and I have been drawn to each other since day one, but it seems that we have opposing views on many things and are left with nothing to talk about. I can't hold that against her because typically the guy is expected to lead a conversation, and my mind becomes blank around her - I never ran into anything like this.

I really want to make it work with her, I should have SOMEthing to say to her instead of having whole minutes of silence. Any ideas?


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  • It's not impossible but I don't think this is going to work for you. Some people have relationships where they never talk about anything of substance and it totally works for them, but you obviously have a need for intelligent conversation. I mean, clearly you like something about this girl (and I get the feeling it has nothing to do with her mind), but I think you should reconsider this one.


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  • Smart minded women likes to have certain challenges when she meets a guy.. its ok to have opposing views and thats what makes it interesting. I think that these kinds of things can work for you both and it lets you both get to know each other more. My advice is just start small and do something impulsive, stop with the heavy conversations and just let it go with the flow. I'm guessing that she might be thinking the same thing too with the awkward silence..

    Hope that helps.

    • I get what you're trying to say, but I don't think it's gonna work out anyway, so... I'll reserve the next obvious question regarding the same girl in my next post. Thank you :)

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