How do I ask a girl out that I don’t know?

There is a girl that works as an administrator at my gym and I really like her. I want to ask her out, but I know that doing this just out of the blue might throw her off, but it’s not like I can just get to know her by walking up to her desk and starting a conversation.

I haven’t talked to her, other than saying “hello” or “goodbye”. I was once waiting for her, so I could buy water. When she was walking towards me, she smiled and jokingly asked me if I want to buy a protein bar, to which I replied that I just need water. I shouldn’t have been so neutral and maybe continued the small talk. Or maybe I am just overthinking this, I don’t know...

what at would be the correct way of approaching her and asking her out on a date?


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  • Ask if you can help her with something and start a conversation or just say hey, how's your day going? Something casual, but make sure she can't she can't give a one word answer. Hope this helps, hell I would even use a pick up line (those are really underrated you know)


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