Virgin at 24, is it a massive turn off?

So I'm a 24y/o guy from the UK, fairly active in outdoor persuits, good career prospects (aerospace), but for whatever reason I've never really been in the right environment for meeting someone. Engineering is almost all male, I didn't like clubbing at uni and all my housemates were male, my hobbies don't lend well to socialising either...

How do I even start finding someone? If I say I've never been with a girl before are they gonna' run for the hills thinking there's something wrong they've not found yet?

Ladies please, I'm a bit lost here :P


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  • Well, British accent is very sexy...

    It wouldn't really bother me, there is something attractive about being a guy's first and "teaching" him.

    Depends which sort of girls you're looking for. I'm sure that some would find it terrible.

    I would look for a partner in areas I would enjoy for myself, it allows a basis for getting to know each other and you would certainly have some common ground and hobbies/likes.

    • I keep hearing about the accent, but it only works if Im talking to a girl from the US haha. I mean I'm up for talking to anyone. Heck I would move to the US if I found a job there.

    • I disagree, British accent is sexy everywhere but in Britain 😀 and I'm not from the US, I would know

  • It's not weird, my boyfriend was 25 and a virgin when I met him and I still thought he was a great guy. Just be very open when you get into a relationship and you'll be fine.

  • No, definitely not a turn off. So, don't pressure yourself. You're only 24. If you were already 34 and still a virgin, I'd be kinda worried. 44+ and still a virgin? That's a loser!

    • Although I haven't tried and don't need to try, I suggest you explore possibilities on dating sites or apps.

    • That's fair I hadn't really thought about dating sites. Something like Match. com could work. I will look into that :)

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