Girls, Ladies: Is hitting on a woman while she is doing her job really so inappropriate?

I work in sales, so I interact with beautiful women occasionally. For the sake of staying professional and keeping my job, I don't entertain the idea of hitting on women who come into my store. However, I come across women I would like to get to know better frequently. But they are receptionists, cashiers etc. Is there a proper way to go about asking them on a date? Is it creepy?


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  • It isn't always inappropriate, but it should be really restrained until or unless she shows any interest back.

    • So you think if I were to simply ask if someone wanted to get a drink or coffee sometime and leave it at that, it would be ok? Or would they feel awkward the next time I came in? Part of the problem is since they are working with the public they are generally nice, so picking up signs can be difficult. Should I wait to see if they do or say something super obvious?

    • Depends on the situation, but probably okay.

    • Ok thanks for your input :)

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  • Kinda, yeah. I really don't appreciate it being hit on at work (and it does happen), I work in retail on the tills and I just want to keep my head down, be polite and get my job done.

    • That's why I don't do it! So since you have been hit on, have you ever said yes? Or said no to someone you might date if it were a different setting?

  • I don't wanna be hit on while at work, cause I'm trying to work. An it's embarrassing. Hahah. I wanna be professional. .🤣

    • That is my assumption usually, so I don't. But if there was a really cute guy, and you wanted to go on a date with him, how would that happen? Would you offer your number or flirt or anything at all? Or just leave it alone cuz ur at work?

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    • Oh well haha 🤣

    • Send you a message.

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