Is every guys living a toxic relationship once in their lives?

I thought it was sometimes which only happens to other people, that I won't get in this trap and that it was impossible that so many girls were like that. But when you live it you don't know it yet, you need time and help to get to the break up. And no break up is more difficult than with this kind of girls. Feel free to tell your story


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  • It’s hard to break out of that. It’s really really hard. Especially when you feel like you can fix it and everything will be fine once it’s not broken anymore, but it’ll always be broken.

    • I never encoubter such difficulties as breaking up with her. But once it's done, you learn to live again, you discover your life a new time

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  • Learned my lesson, found someone a million times better and the ex alone and unhappy. Things worked out


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  • Hmm if they want to. Men can be like women. Pure and innocent if they want to. Guys aren't all want to have sex. A girl wanted to have sex with me and I said no she was shocked.

  • Girls are evil bitches

    • I’m sorry for whatever happened to you to make you think that, but not every girl out there is like that.

    • You didn’t have to apologise

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