Would it hurt your feelings if someone you were interested in a relationship with didn’t say hi back/smile back at you when you did it to them?

They didn’t because they don’t like you for x reason.
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  • I'd be hurt regardless of my feelings towards the person. It hurts my feelings that the old women that live in the same building don't greet me back. It's just super rude.


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  • Sometimes people are just having a bad day you don't know what's going on in their life all the time and I'm sure he'll come back around and apologize and say sorry but I had something else on my mind

  • Yeah, it's only natural

    • Why would it hurt?

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    • Ignoring your smile

    • Oh in Highschool? I fully expected everyone there to be assholes to me regardless lol. Fuck K-12, it sucks.

      But in any other situation like that, I'd just feel a moment of "why do I ever try" before I'd pick myself up and remember that dating is just a numbers game. Try enough times and I'll find someone!

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