Did he lose interest?

I started talking to this guy on Tinder a couple of weeks ago and we’ve pretty much texted all day most days since then. We hung out once a couple days after matching but I’ve been out of town since then and won’t be back for another week so we haven’t hung out again. I did try to make plans again before leaving but he cancelled because a friend of his was coming to town. I figured this wasn’t a bad sign since we continued to text and he seems interested. A few days ago he asked when I would be getting back to town and I told him next week and we made loose plans (no specific day but it’s come up a couple times) to hang out when I’m back. But two days ago he stopped texting me. I tried initiating it and all I got was a “haha” and then he didn’t respond to my next text. And when I asked if everything was alright (because usually he doesn’t go all day without responding) he said he was just busy.

I’ve been blown off by a guy before with this same excuse but I didn’t realize it at the time. I just don’t want to make that mistake again, but I’m also worried that I’m just overthinking things. My theory is he’s probably seeing other girls on Tinder (I did notice his bio and pictures getting changed) so maybe he met someone he likes better than me? Any insight would be great, thanks.
Did he lose interest?
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