Can girls tell if a guy is fragile and does that make girls keep their distance?

I really do want to meet new people but I'm terrified of people. Is it easy to tell when people are intimidated and does that make someone look cowardly or lame?


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  • Do you have social anxiety?

    • Yeah for the most part. I feel really small around other people if that makes sense. I try really hard not to think that way but when I see someone attractive I feel like I'm going to die if I have to talk to them.

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    • I really want the to be a last result. It's not like I freak out in person. I'm actually really quiet, but maybe that's a red flag to people. I just thought that maybe people can just tell naturally that I'm scared of them. I don't know if this makes much sense lol but its hard to explain

    • Some probably can to some extent..

  • I like taking advantage of fragile boys. But I've had suicide scares a couple times and I don't want to be held responsible

    • What does taking advantage mean? Like you wouldn't hurt him on purpose right?

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    • You probably shouldn't do that.

    • lol I dont care

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