Leaving her on Read?

I'm not ignoring her we had been texting all day. The conversation slowly came to a natural close and I didn't have much to add though I could have came up with something... Her last text was kinda flirty and poking at me and I left it on read in response.

Not playing games, but when a guy does this does how does it make the girl feel?


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  • It depends what was said between you two to be honest. It can make girls feel like you're not particularly interested, as in she said something you didn't really like, or maybe you're seeing other girls so she's not really a priority. Probably because girls are generally more polite and will verbally leave the conversation by saying bye so it's clearly understood, but lots of guys don't do that and as we all grow we learn to accept each other's ways with better understanding.

    • Asked her a question and in response I said "Very cool" with an emoji and in response to that she said "i know i am ;)" We legit flirt/text all day every day and i met the family on our last date. So yeah... just some background. I'm okay with like getting her a little flustered lol. But If me not saying "i have nothing more to add to this discussion" is rude than I don't know..

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    • Gotchya, Yeah i really care about her. What do you think she is thinking/feeling since I didn't reply?

    • No idea tbh, that wouldn't bother me personally, it's just a way of keeping it exciting.

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