How do I do this? Why are relationships so difficult?

So let's say you dated someone on and off. You still really like this person and want to be together. Due to how many times you've asked her out you don't know what to do. Also last time you talked to her face to face, she later ended up telling you she still loved you even tho she had a boyfriend. You let that go cus she told you to leave it and now 9 months later she has broken up with her boyfriend and now your talking again. All hypothermia ofc


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  • here's something that might help. Its called perspective.
    In five years, you won't even remember her name. And your life will be just fine without her in it.

  • Focus on your studies kid

    • I would if the school system didn't say " if you can regurgitate useless information you a genius, but if you are creative your just one of 'those kids'."

    • things never happened as we want always it's we who change according to situation. never lose your hope

  • Nope


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