Do you think he is interested/likes me?

So we have our third date this Sunday, he always initiates our dates. (Thank god lol) But when we go out he always seems fidgety (Messes with his cup, makes eye contact then shifts his eyes after a few seconds, wipes off the crumbs; feels uneasy) I can tell he's nervous. He's a little shy, we met online. He always asks how my day is going, always tells me to enjoy my day. Remembers stuff about me. He says he likes me, but I don't know I feel beautiful enough for him. Does he like me? Is he even attracted to me hence being we met online?


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  • Yeah he's probably too nervous because he likes you. Make him feel relaxed, hug him and say "relax, everything is cool". And you'll be fine both.

    • That is kinda cute he is. He just feels like he's so uneasy. I always try to joke around with him, he laughs (at my corny jokes hahaha)

    • Shy guy isn't that bad. Definitely not worse than an everbrave cocky guy.

    • I'd rather a shy guy any day :)

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  • If he is keeping the dates going and still texts you to see how you are doing daily he sure shows he is interested.


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  • Oh I think it's proof he likes you, but it's probably just his natural makeup as well. Some people get so nervous they can't help it, and fidget even more than normal.
    The fact that he asks nicely and remembers stuff about you is a really good sign.
    by the way I remember taking a girl out once for a meal at a restaurant, I did like her but I was nervous and apologised afterwards - she said it's fine, I think it's funny when you throw your cutlery everywhere! 😁 Lol!

  • Yes he is


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