Guys, if you met a girl who was a great match for you in every way but the relationship would have to end eventually due to moving, what would you do?

Say you had natural chemistry found her physically attractive, good sex, could talk to her about anything including the darker personal things, had similar views, a general sense of comfort (no judgements or things to be embarrassed about), get along really well (but we are both a bit fiery so there's a emotional intensity there and even if things happen we move past them and dont bring them up again for the sake of drama), she gets along well with your friends, etc. Pretty much you two would be great together.

But unfortunately if in an official relationship, it would have to come to an end because you both were moving to different cities in under a year. Would you simply keep it casual (though consistent), nonexclusive (as in you fuck other girls if you want) on a sexual level even if some of the above mentioned things still occurred? Or would you not want to miss out on the connection and just be with her exclusively (or officially) letting things run their course?
  • Keep it casual, remove my feelings, have sex with other girl (s)
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  • Get in the relationship anyway and let things run their course
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What Guys Said 1

  • Probably not get involved, why get heartbroken later


What Girls Said 1

  • It doesn't make any sense to actually end the relationship if you guys really love each other. Long distance could work and in the future you could relocate to a place that you both want to. Don't give up on this. People like these show up only once in a life time. Don't let him go at all. Seriously, you'll regret it.

    • Well the situation in question is one where if you meet someone that you would most certainly fall in love with but it would end. Different career paths, different cities, etc.
      Its one thing if it is an already established relationship but its one where you meet and want to date but would have less than a year

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