Am I turning nothing into something?

So, I met this guy back in August and we instantly hit it off. We would talk whenever we saw each other on campus, but he had a girlfriend so we didn't get close. They broke up after 3 years, and we started talking more whenever we would see each other. One night we ended up spending like 30-45 minutes having a heart to heart. Afterwards we were still just hanging out and messing around. He started playfully poking me, and I just did it right back. We laughed and just spent some time together. He told me that he thought I was pretty amazing, and we locked eyes for like a minute. We always give each other a smile and say hey or whatever when we see each other, and he's definently cute. On Instagram, it's usually just my post and stuff that he likes. We have a bunch of mutual friends and except everyone's Christmas post, he hasn't really liked any of the other girls anything. I kinda thought maybe we were possibly going somewhere, but he hasn't made a move or anything. Then today he commented on a Facebook picture of one of our mutual friends and told her she was killing it. I feel like she isn't the most confident person, and I know he likes to encourage people. She's not exactly gorgeous, (although neither am I) and he easily could've just been trying to give her a confidence boost. He also didn't reply to a message I sent, although the only thing he could've replied was you're welcome... I'm not sure I would've replied either, and I know he's busy this weekend. Still though, it made me completely rethink things. Did I missread stuff and make something out of nothing orrr? What would you advise? I also know that his breakup crushed him, so even though it's been a couple months when you have a relationship that long, he might just not have been ready to make another big move. I really like this guy... I'm just not sure what to think.
Am I turning nothing into something?
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