Girls, Wondering why I never had a girlfriend and why I've not been out with many girls?

So I'm a 21 year old Brown skin African American man. According to most I'm very handsome and I know this and belive it. I don't fall into any of the negative ideas of very attractive men. I'm not egotistical or full of myself, I'm genuinely nice and I'm knowledgeable and articulate. The most common complements I get are I'm nice and or intriguing. Sonethings about my appearance are I stand just under 6ft, I wear my hair very long of the top and short on the sides faded I have a bigger athletic build that's firmly muscular. Some of my personal hobbies are going to the gym listening to music and playing video games and socializing. (Not in a house party setting) I just feel like I would haved found at least one relationship by now, it seems a little over due


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  • This doesn't make sense.

    • What do you mean? I'm just hoping I can get suggestions or thoughts from the info the info I shared

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