Girls, What should I get for a girl who I have been in long distance relationship with?

So, its complicated.. She says she likes me.. but that both of us are just friends.. cause we are not sure whether our parents will allow us to marry each other. We haven't met, I would be meeting her in Feb next year.. She has said she doesn't want me to get her anything (she's Indian).. I know she likes chocolates and chips.. I don't want to get her junk.. she might spoil her health.. So what would be the ideal gift for her?
Please help...


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  • I've heard that Indian girls wear a lot of bracelets and its really popular in their culture. You could get her a bracelet and her parents probably wouldn't question it at all.


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  • Maybe a bracelet or necklace or a stuffed animal if she likes that or one if your jackets


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