Will she wait for me?

Right now me and my crush don't communicate for the last one month, after I said "I want to be alone". I was not feeling well. Maybe she is now busy as well. But I have the little fear, that she doesn't like me any more :(. She already told me that she would live together with me, but right now we live in two different places.
She was waiting for me half a year (we would have to wait for each other one more year) and she was the one who contacted me for the first time.

Do you think it could work?


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  • Well you still only have feelings for one another that's a positive step as far as that working out it depends on your personalities and what your level of maturity is

  • Make decisions. Make plans on how to make it work or move on.

    • Oh. So it is not sure whether it would work 100%. We just have to wait

    • If you guys choose to give it a try, then you can make it work, wait a year then move together. If you're not ready to invest yourself in this goal, then just talk about it together, then move on.

      It's not about it having a chance or not, it's about you choosing to make it work or not.

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