Is it too early to spend New Year's Eve with him?

So there is this guy that I met on a relationship app a little over a month ago. We didn't really talk much until the week before Christmas and we have texted almost every day since then. He did tell me he wants to take me out on a date but it's hard right now because he just got a young puppy who is very active (I'm sure anybody who's had to take care of a young puppy can understand. I have done it before). However we have been able to hang out twice (both times in public places) though it wasn't much time. I have no NYE plans and kind of want to ask him what he's doing but part of me feels like it may be too early even though we established we want to get to know each other and get into a relationship. I mean we had just started hanging out and haven't been on a real date yet. What do you all think?


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  • No I think you've been talking to him long enough I think you could probably spend New Year's evening with him

    • Part of me is also paranoid to ask him because I have a fear of rejection and it seems like every time I ask somebody to do something I get rejected. Also because I feel like he’s probably still on the relationship app and I fear he may be spending it with another girl

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    • Waiting is the sometimes the hardest thing you got to do but I would suggest you just wait and see

    • That I will be doing

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  • Then don't go into it as a couple. Just hang out again, have fun, relax and enjoy your new year's. If things don't feel right then you have no obligation to follow anything through

  • I mean it's fine. Just because it's New Years doesn't mean you can't casually hang out. But if he's spending it with family then it's too early for that.

    Don't be so timid just ask him if he's doing anything and ask him if he wants to hang out if he's not too busy.

  • Puppy should be sleeping from like late evening till 6:30 am. I guess you can ask the guy


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