Not loved enough?

I don't feel loved enough by my girlfriend. We are together for almost 3 months and I have a feeling that she doesn't love me enough. I am getting jealous often, because the trust between us is apparently not strong enough yet.
Any thoughts?


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  • Yeah, it's too soon for trust OR love for that matter. Relaaaaax!

    • We started a romantic relationship after a period of friendship. At first, we didn't want to admit each other's feelings (mainly she didn't), but later we did so and started dating.

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  • Sit down and have a talk with her. a lot of couples break up because they feel each other going further caused by these kind of thoughts. And they go quieter and quieter until they reach the point where tey have nothing more to say to each other.
    Better have a calm and discussion now rather than delaying it until it becomes an argument because of the distance u feel between yourselves

  • Maybe it's too soon for love. Does she give you any motives to get jealous?

    • No, I am getting jealous even when she's only talking to people

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    • I've been with my boyfriend for 10 months, 3 living together. I always felt something was off somehow, I was always thinking the worst, and jealous of everything but I thought it was all in my head. Turns out it wasn't. Talk to her

    • I will, thanks

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  • Has she done anything to shake your trust with her if not maybe you're being a little sensitive

    • No, I am the one to blame

    • Jealousy can you stabilize your relationship I'd work on your own self confidence and I think you help address some of these issues

    • Nonsense

  • Ok, questions:
    Do you want her to love you?

    • Absolutely!

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    • No problem!
      Hope you two have a great relationship.
      Happy new year!

    • Thanks! Happy New Year

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