I don't know what to think?

I met this guy on an app and talked for about a week. We met up on Friday and had sex. It was my first time. (I'm 20 he's 25) after doing that he seemed so sweet like before and felt he actually liked me and not just for that but now he hasn't talked to me since Friday. What's ur opinion on this. Did I get used? Am I stupid? (Even when I was going home he told the uber guy to please make sure I get home safe) I don't know I'm confused I'm hoping he actually likes me but I'm not sure.


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  • In my opinion, it sounds like he did use you. But, that doesn't mean you're stupid, he was stupid to do a thing like that. But, then again it's only been a few days, so maybe wait it out a bit longer.


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  • You sure got used. Did you know him? Did you trust him? Maybe he does not want to seem too pushy. Let us hope so!

    • Yea I trusted him he was sweet but I don't know I guess he was pretending

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    • Thanks! I found my soulmate just over a year ago. Been living together nearly 15 months.

    • Thank you for MHO!

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