Is he flirting with me?

So I went to have a coffee with my male bestfriend that I have been crushing on for a while, I was wearing a necklace and he asked me from where I got it , I told him that it was a gift from a boy who used to be my classmate, he didn't say anything but then he told me not to wear it again, I kept telling him that I liked it but he didn't care he just kept telling me not to wear it again. Plus , he was sitting in front of me and he kept touching my legs with his , you know like surrounding my legs with his in a teasing way? Not to mention the several eye contacts that kept giving me butterflies and I felt that he felt the same way about me. I don't know , can someone please help me understand what's going on?


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  • Okay so personal opinion incoming, he likes you but is probably the jealous type. Which isn't ideal for a stable and fair relationship.

    Also I you are over thinking it. Most men don't think that deeply into what they are doing.

  • He told you not to wear it again... Lol jealous much? He likes you

  • wha?


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