Would a shy girls rather get a confess over text or face to face?

Well it's 2018, let's ask some good as questions now!
  • Text?
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  • Face to face?
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  • Both?
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  • Neither, do it telepathically?
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  • Eh, other?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I prefer, if I'd do it, do it face to face.
    Texting is so... bland. No feelings involved?
    People should put more effort into it, haha.

    • Yeah, just asking. Shy people are weird especially shy girls. So you gotta ask are they from another world questions like this.

    • Yup, although they're shy, so I guess that must be really hard for them.

      What do I know though, I have basically no interest in it... xD

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What Girls Said 3

  • Text. When people already give you anxiety, making decisions and telling it to someone's face is terrifying and might lead to an escape lie.

    • Interesting. I did so, and got a "you don't even know me" back

  • I’m a shy teen girl and I would prefer to do it over text, as you can think about what you need to say thoroughly and there is less pressure.

  • Text


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