How do I get him to do this?

So I like taking pictures and seeing pictures of myself. They remind me of memories and it's always fun to go through old photo albums. I want more pictures of my boyfriend and I together we do a lot with each other but i dont have pictures to remind me of those moments. I'm not sure how to get him to smile and not cover his face infront of a camera. Any advice?


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  • Just tell him what you've written here.

    • Oh hey, did it work?

    • Yeah it did. didn't realize how easy it was, guess i was over thinking. Thanks!

    • No problem, just remember for the future that communication and self-awareness are some of the most important factors in anything! :)

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  • Can you do a dual selfy? My mom had two older brothers. One was always hiding behind things any time someone had a camera and the order was always trying to get in front. I did see some home movies where both are clowning around. Get him in a really good mood, play around, and get him happy. He is far more likely to be in them and that is what you want to remember anyway.


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  • Tell him to smile


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