Do you care how many sexual partners your SO has had (not an extreme amount)?

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  • Just ask yourself this question. If you met an attractive, masculine man, that had made an effort to live his life in a discerning, respectable, and thoughtful way, he was always careful who he slept with, was healthy, had options, and had even rejected quite a few offers from women. Do you think he would care?

    Do you think he would just say ''Don't ask, don't tell'', could you imagine him saying ''It's none of my business'' or ''I don't really care since they are mine now''

    My thoughts are that in general, men with few options, a lack of discernment, and a blase view about sex will not care because they don't have many options, or choice, and will take what they can get.

    Bear this in mind when ever you hear a man say he does not care.


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  • I don’t ask because it’s none of my business. As long as she’s clean and doesn’t have children with anyone then I’m a happy camper

  • I don't really care since they'd be mine now 😉 (that is "if" i have one 😂)


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