Two guys at work like me but?

Let's call these guys Jason and Andrew. Jason and Andrew are best friends.

I accidentally flashed a female coworker when my shirt got stuck on a bread tray, and Andrew was like "damn I missed it". Then this other girl asked to see my underboob tattoo, and Andrew was like "let's see it. Show it to me". I was telling another coworker that my last ex had cheated on me, and Andrew said something like "It's okay. Good things are coming your way". On another occasion, Andrew got really close to me, like I could feel his chest on my shoulder/arm and I had my hand on a bread tray, and he put his hand on top of my hand. I've just been getting vibes that Andrew likes me. Does it sound like he likes me? I have a crush on Andrew.

But Andrew doesn't talk to me whenever Jason is there. Jason has a crush on me, I've been told my multiple people and he's very obvious about it. So what's going on? How can I get Andrew to ask me out? Does Andrew really ignore me Because Jason likes me?


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  • You like Andrew but Andrew won't ask you out because he's a bro so Jason will have to ask you out first.

    If he gets turned down because you have feelings for someone else then Andrew may get the go ahead from Jason to ask you out.

  • Both are going to hurt you x


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