He said he just wanted fun but his actions/behaviour says different?

Hi people! I'm a 20 year old female and I've been talking to this guy (21) for a little while, he is gorgeous and we both agreed we didn't want a relationship and we wanted to have fun. After spending some nights with him it keeps making me think he's thinking differently to what he's saying? (although I could be wrong) He travelled over an hour and a half to meet up with me and gym, without us hooking up and when I did go to his to do the deed as politely as I can put it, he introduced me to his family he's living with. I went out for my sisters birthday but halfway through he kept in contact with me, I ended up going back to his and he said to me he's glad I was there because he knew I was safe. Even when it comes to staying at his place he will sleep close to me, giving me little pecks while I'm asleep or falling asleep, basically doing all of these touchy feel things that I didn't think would come to play with hook ups and casual relations? It could be that he wants the feeling of a relationship without actually having to be in one, but it's starting to confuse me and play on my mind a little! I also have my own personal insecurities in relationships because of horrific past experiences (so cliché) but it's enough to make me distance myself from him and well I guess discontinue what's going on.. A guy as gorgeous as he is it's not difficult for him to find casual flings, but why be so affectionate towards me? I'm looking forward to hearing the responses!
He said he just wanted fun but his actions/behaviour says different?
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