Do women like a man that has a baby face?

I'm 24 and I have been told for many years that I always look young like I'm 18. I asked why and apparently it's because I have a baby face. But I don't know if it can be a good thing or a bad thing when it comes to meeting women. I've had some women tell me "you remind me of a little brother" before I would try to flirt and other times where women would find it attractive, but this doesn't happen as often.
Ladies, which would you consider when looking at a man who would have a "baby face"?
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  • I have a baby face too and I'm 30 but look like I'm 19 but people think it's pretty attractive but i had come across problems that some lady almost call the cops and set off the Amber alert and i showed my I. D. to the cops that i was born in the 80's but i don't worry about it

    • Damn, I haven't had that kind of experience before haha

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    • Yeah I guess. Damn I wish I could see how old you look. I'm sure you must get hit on a lot by guys in their 20s

    • 20s and 30s some think I'm ugly some think I'm cute

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  • Man some women like overlymanly brutal dudes with beards and shit some like babyface cute guys, just find one that will love you forever and don't care. No man will ever be liked by all the women in the room.


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  • Women won't care. They'll care more about how you carry yourself as a person and judge you by your confidence. If you worry about having a "baby face" that'll hinder your chances.

  • Don't worry about if look young or old just confident in yourself an in your responses to others

  • Baby faces unite!!!


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