What should I wear and expect (conversation level etc) on a date just a bar with quiet drinks?

Been single close to 5yrs and a little nervous about meeting my closely aged date. Weird at my age lol usually I don't feel awkward or nervous. Do the girls think this will be a problem for me?


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  • Depends where you’re going, but stick to what you’re comfortable in and that makes you feel good. If you’re going to a bar generally nice jeans or casual slacks with a buttoned shirt or Henley are nice safe options (sorry the photos are a bit wanky, it’s hard to find men’s outfits that aren’t from a fashion spread).
    Personally I’d write down a few topics of mutual interest as writing things down help me remember... things I know we have in common like music, recent concerts, movies, travel, work and dining experiences. The rest should just kind of flow.
    Good luck getting back into the dating scene 😊

    • Thankyou for your help

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