I hate being single, but I have no confidence in dating, what do I do?

I'm 18. My problems in dating are-
-I'm awkward around girls
-I'm inexperienced and it holds me back
-I've put up a wall (emotionally) for most people
-I don't party (kind of by choice)
-When I do get close with a girl I screw it hope somehow (probably trying to talk to her too much)
-I don't approach girls
-I need to have to a girl text me first to show that she is interested in me, otherwise, I don't think she is

How do I help myself in this area in my life?


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  • Don't need a girlfriend just to have one, everyone gets lonely don't feel pressure to be in a relationship. Sounds like you need to focus on yourself to get to a better state of mind. Once you feel better about yourself things will be easier getting to where you want to be. Good luck dude

    • How? I’m just so awkward with most girls?

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    • Sounds dumb but be yourself if they don't like you, oh well you don't need them. Just try not to pysche yourself out being someone else

    • Problem is I don’t approach girls unless I see a sign from her, which is rare

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  • Just keep at it. Don't over think stuff. Don't try to hard to please someone else at first. Just keep being you. Don't get caught up thinking "I wonder if I say this or do this will she will like me?". Instead you should just be yourself and if it's not a match than that's a good thing. You don't have to party but you do need to mingle.

    I'll leave you with this. Sometime failure is the best educator. It just depends on whether or not you pay attention.

    • I've always failed.

    • I don't know how to handle it.

    • If you keep failing at the same thing then you aren't paying attention. Don't get distraught on the failures. Trust me. I've been there. My wife left me for another man. I blamed myself for not being good enough. Eventually I realized it wasn't me. I didn't do anything wrong. It's ok to be sad about the outcome. But eventually you need to move on with something you learned from the past. I don't need to be with someone who isn't loyal. That's a characteristic trait I don't want in a partner.

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  • It's simple. Stop giving a fuck about others and be the best YOU can be. Once you do that and you give off the energy that you are killing it and being the best you can be then how girls and people approach you in general will reflect off of you.

  • be flirty with guys and compliment people it helped me


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