The guy I can’t leave alone, what can I do?

This guy I used to date and I have great chemistry. Every time I see him, he looks like sex. We get along but I am always super close to ripping off his shirt so I can look at that happy trail. Tonight he hung out with me at work and when i got off, we continued to have fun. Things were all good and PG until he gave me a NYE kiss (I’ve never been kissed on NYE btw).

He tried to get all handsy later on, and admittedly I took the bait. Everything about his touch feels so good and comfortable. I hate how just one touch sends me in a frenzy, even though I know he and I can’t work out. He has commitment issues and I refused to stick around and “wait” to get chosen.

Tonight I sent him home. I went to bed alone. He apologized for stepping out of line. And it’s the hardest thing I’ve done in a while, since all I wanted was him in my bed. With me.

What to do about this guy? I haven’t made up my mind 100% but I think it’s pointless to pretend we can be friends. Not because we don’t have fun together but there’s too much history. Too much sexual tension. Do you guys think I’m right?


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  • You are right

  • Seems your right!


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