Lady's I need advise?

So there is a girl I like. So she knows I like her she kissed me first in her room. But she's for no reason right in front of me is making out with a girl. And has the nerve to say that if there's a problem she can help me when she's the problem
I need advise plez


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  • You deserve better, you know that! She has no respect for you, better to move on! 😕

    • Thanks and I'm trying it's just so hard

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    • It’s all good. I like motivating people, and trying to help them. That’s why I have this app.

    • Same

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  • Try talk to her about it and just straight up tell her she's the problem. She could be bisexual or the relationship type called polyamorous. I'm not good with this because I've never had a relationship but I hope this at least helps.

    • I did tell her she was the problem and she said all i had yo do was talk to her about it and I was sitting there cosenplating on if I should kill myself

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    • Alright, wish you luck

    • Thanks

  • she is a lesbian and wants you be aware she mistakes with you


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