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I've only know for 10 years now that I am infertile. This case I can't enjoy sex so I am paying someone to actually do what I like , I just be with her cuddle and just fool around without sex. I've been seeing her for the past 2 years very often several time a months I would pay. Last year I moved out to work abroad things got intimate between us I started having a feeling for her , she requested some gifts I bought them , but this last week from 18 up to 26 I gave her 1,000$ just as Christmas gift and to help her go back and see her family , just yesterday evening something went wrong and she just blocked me everywhere she disappeared just before the new year.
Last night made me think after being nice and helping her because I really liked her and her blocking me after giving away so much , I just feel like an idiot. She used me and my money to get what she wants and got away. I mean girls can be hard and not nice but what m I missing here?
It must be stupid from my side to trust her. Anw 2017 ended well. A lesson learned. I miss her though I can go and ask her why but m too far away now working , by the time I go back she would have left...


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  • nothing. move on. you can’t make someone who wants to leave - stay. there are many fish in the sea. do not stay hung up on someone who didn’t have the respect or decency to explain to you why she left. especially if she took your things with no intention of giving you anything or returning the gifts/money.


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  • but she was a hooker bro... you can't really complain a hooker ditched you.

    • I thought that too & I was happy it ended in 2017 I didn't drag it to 2018 . 2018 a fresh start with no hookers

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  • U too can get cheated one day if u don't satisfy her needs stay loyal n lovely. Nothing goes wrong.


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