Girls, How often do you reject guys based on race alone?

Like the guy could have a good personality but you reject him based on what color his skin is for example I’m biracial but have been rejected by a lot of white women


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  • I don't know why a person would reject someone based on race alone, unless they were a big racist or something. Truth is you're probably just not attractive to them, it's got nothing to do with your race. Considering that Biracial people have shown to be the most attractive people on average, both objectively and subjectively, it's not even that anyway.

    • Well she even admitted to not growing up around black or mixed people and I have even verbally heard her make racial slurs

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    • Still though how is it an excuse

    • it's not an excuse but you shouldn't take it personally, some people are just assholes.

  • never. i only reject based on if we are not compatible. maybe you haven’t found the right white woman lol. maybe it’s a coincidence. maybe you’re the problem? not to be offensive but sometimes guys do something (girls don’t like) and they don’t mean it and are not aware of it


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